Mwami Mwenda Bantu, King of the Bayeke, remembers his father

This is the main pageIn the pre-dawn hours of November 20, 1925, five shots rang out in Bunkeya, the capital of the ancient Garenganze kingdom, in what is today Katanga, in the DRC. Mwami Kitanika, the reigning king at the time, immediately sent armed guards to check what appeared to be a lion alert. When they arrived in the neighborhood of Bwala, they found the Mwanangwa Munongo MUTAMPUKA (the king’s younger brother and future King MUSAMFYA) dancing with joy. The Mwanangwa asked them to go tell his brother Mwami KITANIKA the following: “the one we had been expecting was just born.” At the announcement, the Mwami replied with a shot of his 12 calilbre rifle. This is how Godefroid Munongo, later known as MWENDA M’SIRI SHYOMBEKA WE SHALO, came into the world.

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